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Pictures from camp are all uploaded!

Problem of the Month:

Rachel has 30 paper squares. Each square is 2 cm on a side. She arranges all of them, without overlapping, to form a rectangle. In cm, what is the smallest possible perimeter of the rectangle?

Time to Time Travel

Students will begin working on their time machine projects this week. They can only use materials that are on the list and will be building their machines at home, but the preliminaries will all be completed at school. Be sure your student is clear on the materials before signing the project paper.

Progress Reports Go Home on Thursday

Look for progress reports on Thursday. Please sign and return one copy to school and feel free to contact either Mrs. Nichols or Mrs. Fisch with any questions.





Upcoming Events:

October 2: Progress reports go home

October 15 - 17: GATE Olympics

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