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Our picture gallery is growing! Check out our field trip to UC Davis!

Problem of the Month:

If I placed 5 drachmas in the corner of a chess board and then doubled that amount in the next square, and doubled it again in the following square, and so on until I reached the end of the chessboard. how many drachmas would I have?

Is this more than or less than the amount in the FischGreek Economy??

Middle School Registration Completed

Middle School registration is now complete. The district office notified families by email or letter of the student's placement last week and all registration materials have been forwarded to the student's planned middle school. Any changes to registration will need to be made with the middle school itself.

Students will be taking a math placement test soon and this, along with teacher recommendation and grades, will determine placement in math for 7th grade.




Upcoming Events:

April 16: Testing (morning only)

April 18: School holiday

April 21: School holiday

April 23: Elementary GATE Tours

April 29: Testing (morning only)

April 30: Testing (morning only)


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